Success in Creating a Direct Selling Company – Four Initiatives to Help MLM Executives

In the March 2013 issue of Direct Selling News Mark Pentecost, Founder and CEO of *It Works! Global, discussed how he and his team created a mission to grow the company to $100 million in 2012. Not only did the company reach its goal of $100 million in sales, but it did so in seven months instead of twelve months. Mr. Pentecost credits a unifying force of people who all believed in being a part of something bigger. Mr. Pentecost credits the following initiatives to the company’s success:

1)      Creating a culture of team members who were “passionate, driven, unified”

2)       Staying focused on their goal and avoiding a “copycat” mentality

3)      Empowering their team members by providing them with innovative and unique products

4)      Offering their prospects and customers a “unique selling proposition” and a unified message

At the end of 2012, It Works! Global the company more than doubled its success, reaching over $200 million in sales.

The Direct Selling News article titled “One Decision to $100 Million… and Then Some” can be found here.

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