Direct Selling Data from the U.S. and Around the World – 8 Surprising Statistics

 Direct Selling News – Global and National Data on the Direct Selling Industry

The March 2013 issue of Direct Selling News reported early globally figures leading up to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations’ (WFDSA) General Annual Statistical Survey (being released in June). The WFDSA’s represents more than 60 Direct Selling Associations around the world.

The Direct Selling Association took a look at global numbers in the billions from 2011 and compiled a cover story-worthy list of detailed direct selling data. Readers should reference the Direct Selling News website for a detailed explanation of how these data were collected. Direct Selling News states that the importance of the WFDSA’s statistical information will help direct selling companies determine their plans for international expansion, help get the word out about direct selling (MLM, network marketing and party plan) companies, and will help to have an economic impact in the countries that they influence, especially in countries where they demonstrate the greatest financial impact.

Here we’ve summarized a list of eight relevant (and interesting) direct selling statics about the United States and from around the globe, paraphrased from Direct Selling News:

1)      In 2011, the direct sales industry equated to $153.7 billion dollars in worldwide sales.

2)      Direct selling is best represented by 22 major countries, which reflect 90 percent of direct selling retail sales.

3)      The top five countries benefiting the most from direct selling revenues are (in order of highest achievement) the United States, Japan, China, Korea, and Brazil. These countries alone make up over 60 percent of annual direct sales, globally.

4)      The United States is the number one market for direct selling, equating to $29.9 billion and, and has held 20 percent market share for two years running.

5)      Roughly, “15.6 million direct sellers grew U.S. market sales 4.6 percent and generated $29.9 billion.”

6)      78 percent of direct sellers are women.

7)      96 percent of all compensation plans are multilevel.

8)      Products are of great importance in direct selling. The leading product lines include, “…wellness (24 percent), household goods and durable (20 percent), cosmetics and personal care (18 percent), and clothing and accessories (12 percent).” The remaining 26 percent range anywhere from fuel additives to water filtration systems.

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