How Often Should Companies Renew Their Policies and Procedures to Make Them Relevant in Today’s Marketplace?

Companies that claim to be partners with their consultants should walk the talk.

Companies that claim to be partners with their consultants should walk the talk.

There are two issues that have surfaced in recent years: 1) social networking and 2) frequent migration of distributors between companies. With social networking concerns, companies have had to decide on positive protocol for consultants who socialize through technology and the internet. In terms of the migration of consultants, companies have often found themselves constantly revisiting policy that both protect the livelihood of all its distributors while also protecting the interest of the company. These issues are constantly under review. Most companies continue to revisit these issues multiple times.

Certainly, it’s not a good idea to make frequent changes to a compensation plan because it undermines faith in the company. Companies should also try and limit the number of changes in basic agreements and also be able to justify any of the changes being made. Companies that claim to be partners with their consultants should walk the talk. They should be saying that their interests lie in protecting distributors and consumers, not just the company. They have a responsibility to protect the livelihoods of thousands, or millions, of consultants who depend on income from the company. This is important because when companies disassemble, consultants who have spent all of their time building sales organizations only to find them stolen or taken elsewhere, are deeply hurt.

In the direct selling industry, the word change can send a certain group of people into orbit. Companies that are making adjustments or enhancements to their policies and procedures or compensation plan must carefully communicate those changes to sellers, especially to the leadership of the company. Leaders need to be prepared to deliver messages and to have the messages palatable to the rest of the sales force.

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