DSA Announces the 2012 Rising Star Company Awards

The Direct Selling Association recently announced the 2012 Rising Star award recipient: Viridian. The DSA states the following about the company:

“Growing from just over $2 million in revenue its first year to more than $200 million its third year, this year’s Rising Star award recipient, Viridian, has outpaced the growth of its competitors in the retail energy space. Viridian offers three products to retail energy customers: 20 percent renewable electricity, 100 percent renewable electricity and natural gas. The company attributes its success to its unique product offering, cause-based sustainability branding and commitment to network marketing.

Launched in April 2009 and headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., Viridian boasts 180,000 customers and 18,000 associates.

Led by Founder and CEO Michael Fallquist, who has extensive expertise in the retail energy space, Viridian’s executive team brings broad knowledge to each of their functional areas, along with network marketing industry leadership.”

The 2012 finalist for this year’s Rising Star award is Simply Said. The DSA states the following regarding the company:

“During the last three and a half years, Simply Said has increased both its consultant base and revenue by at least 175 percent each year.

In addition to the company’s core values, Simply Said provides a variety of tools and programs for consultants, including a 90 Day QuickStart Program, Power Building Program and free training and educational tools.”

The second finalist for the 2012 Rising Star award is YOR Health. The DSA states the following about the company:

“In 2008, the company set out to ‘change the world, one person at a time,’ in an effort to ensure every individual has the opportunity to experience great health, financial stability and self-awareness, Dennis said. ‘Everyone is attracted to this mission. It’s what’s helped us expand into the international market and that, for us, has brought a lot of affirmation about our product and our goals.’

In addition to the company’s commitment to its three pillars, YOR Health has maintained a commitment to the highest standards, realizing the critical role direct selling plays in its continued success.”

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