Why Do You Stay With Your MLM Company?

There are many reasons why distributors stay with a company once they’ve joined. The top five reasons that people stay with their MLM company are:

1. Products – The distributors enjoy the products that the company offers

2.  Leadership of the company – Distributors are motivated and encouraged by the leaders of the company

3.  Leadership of the field sales force – Distributors are motivated and encouraged by the leaders of their upline and by others salespeople

4.  Company vision or purpose – Distributors believe in the vision of the company and its mission

5.   Earnings – And, of course, distributors always appreciate a good income opportunity

Why do you stay with your direct selling, network marketing, MLM, party plan company? Can you relate to one of the top 5 reasons distributors stay with a company? Or, do you have a different reason?

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