How Did You, Jeff Babener, Get Into Network Marketing?

People often ask, “How did you get into this arcane method of marketing: network marketing, MLM and direct selling?” It’s a long story. We have been doing this since 1983. We first started working with a few regional direct selling companies that were expanding to a national level.

I like to write. Those that visit will see the wealth of information. I lecture at universities and at trade conferences around the country, and over time, we started to represent increasingly larger companies. Over time, we ended up representing and advising companies as large as Avon and Discovery Toys. We got involved at a pivotal point in our industry’s history, when some of our clients were in their infancy. We were involved in the startups that now represent some of the largest global MLM companies. Some of the startups we were involved with were U.S. companies, such as Nikken, Melaleuca, USANA, New Vision, and Excel Telecom. We were in a unique position to really learn about the industry, to become a student of the industry, which has expanded over time to the practice that we enjoy today.

We didn’t do it overnight. It has been a rewarding journey. In the end, we have become a very important part of our clients’ business team. In reality, more than half of the discussions we have with our clients are about the business, even though we wear the “Legal Advisor” hat. For some of our clients, we assist to establish them successfully in the U.S. and then successfully around the world. We build them from $0 to $1 billion. Often times we become their most important business advisor and we have enjoyed having that positive role within the industry.

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Mr. Babener is also the Chairmen of the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company Conference. The MLM Conference takes place three times per year, in February, May and October. The next MLM Conference takes place February 21st and 22nd, 2013. Anyone who is starting or running an MLM, direct selling, network marketing, party plan company is invited to join us. Read the bios of the speakers. Or, call us at 800-231-2162 to register.

Lastly, watch the companion video to this blog post, titled How Does a Business Lawyer become a MLM Lawyer?

As always, for a plethora of information regarding the direct selling industry, visit, or visit Mr. Babener’s sister website,, where you can following him on his social networks, watch videos and have fun.

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