Creating a Compensation Plan That Is Guaranteed to Be Legal

The matrix compensation plan is one of many different types of compensation plans used by direct selling companies.

How do I create a compensation plan that guarantees to be legal? This is a question that might take one thousand pages to answer. You will find endless articles and videos at on differentiating a legitimate direct selling company from a pyramid scheme.

A legitimate compensation plan program offers quality products/services at reasonable prices, which are purchased by ultimate users, i.e. who use the products/services and who purchased products/services because they want it and because it stands on its own in the marketplace. As opposed to products/services that are purchased where the predominant intent is merely to “buy into the deal.” Pyramid schemes are characterized by bogus products, high investments, inflated pricing, inventory loading, and where the primary intent is to cause independent business owners to pay money for the right to qualify, and they recruit others to pay money for the right to qualify, and so on. has launched the Innovation Campaign for its February 2014 MLM Startup Conference. Read how to get your two free tickets by clicking HERE!

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