What are the Largest Global Markets for Direct Selling? The WFDSA Released Annual Results: ‘Global Sales and Direct Selling Community – 2012’

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) has released its 2012 global direct sales statistics. In its document titled “Global Sales and Direct Selling Community – 2012” the WFDSA outlined worldwide regional sales, the top ten global markets for direct sales, and the statistics of retail sales across country and region.

In summary, Asia and the Pacific represent the highest percentage of global retail sales with 44 percent of the global direct selling market; followed by the Americas with 40 percent, Europe with 16 percent, and Africa and the Middle East with one percent of the global direct sales market.

The global direct selling industry is up by 5.4%, $166,876 million.

Below are the graphs that illustrate these data. The WFDSA also offer 2012 retail sales by region and country.

Credit to WFDSA











Credit to WFDSA


















For more information, visit the WFDSA‘s website.

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