Value is the “Watchword”

There are many factors to considering when choosing the right network marketing opportunity: from the company’s track record, to its compensation plan, to its management, to its vision. All of which are extremely important. However, if you’re looking for long-term success, you shouldn’t underestimate your products’ customer-perceived “value.” That is to say, look for a company that stresses the quality of the “value” that it offers customers and distributors. 

Why “Value?”

Why “value?” Because the success of any network marketing company is totally dependent upon how well it achieves “bonding” with its customers and distributors. This means repeat customers and distributors who stick with the business. And, in today’s world, network marketing companies are not just competing with other sellers with similar products, they are also competing with other methods of sales distribution; i.e., catalog sales, internet sales, discount stores, infomercials, and telemarketers.

And, they can “win” in the marketplace only if they deliver “value” and only if customers perceive a higher product “value” than offered by more conventional sellers. So, when you’re looking for that special opportunity, look for a network marketing company that has an edge on “value.”  Look for one with some or all of the following features:

(1)       A unique product that stands out when you show it to your friends (cans of Campbell’s soup or boxes of cake mix are not unique).

(2)       A product that is proprietary to the company. (Have you ever noticed that you can’t buy Avon cosmetics in department stores, or Shaklee vitamins at pharmacies, or Enagic water treatment products in retail chains? These products are only available from distributors.)

(3)       A product that is economically-competitive with similar products (i.e. a fairly-priced product).

(4)       A customer satisfaction guarantee, if possible, is important.

(5)       A product that you can demonstrate at home parties is a necessity and commonplace for network marketing companies.

(6)       A customer service center and/or sales service is important.

(7)       A convenient delivery system and personalized assistance. You are part of what creates perceived value network marketing.

So good luck. Remember, however, “value” is the watchword. Value in the opportunity you choose and value what you offer to your consumers.

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