New Video: Is it Legal for Consultants to Sell Company Products through Booths?

As a distributor, can I use display booths to sell my company’s products? Is there a limit on the time I can spend selling at a booth? Watch the new video from

This question likely refers to sales at trade show booths. First, check you company’s policies and procedures, as they will be the guiding rule to follow. Most companies allow distributors to operate a booth at a trade shows that are for the general public, such as boat shows, home shows, health shows, conventions, among others.

Although, most companies ask that distributors seek approval prior to operating a booth opportunity and they also insist on compliance with proper use of the company trademark and advertising. In addition, most companies do not permit the sale of other companys’ products or the promotion of other companys’ business opportunities at the booth. And, the time limitation is generally governed by the length of the event.

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