MLM Distributor Success – Knowing the Basics

This blog post is the companion post to the video: The Major Players – Successful MLM Companies, in which MLM Attorney, Jeffrey Babener, discusses what makes distributors successful in the MLM industry.

There is no question that, over time, the MLM companies that have been the most successful in the MLM industry have involved distributors who have had a passion for the product, service and for what they are selling. A distributor shouldn’t join a direct sales company unless, number one, he or she really believes in the product. The distributor should be actively using the product. Distributors should feel a great sense of ease when explaining and sharing her product with others. Successful distributors should feel that they are doing their customers a favor when sharing the product/service rather than feel as if they are encroaching on customers’ space or friendship.

Most importantly, a distributor must be realistic about their expectations. Keep in mind that in the direct selling industry, 90 percent of those who are involved are only involved part time, working less than 20 hours per week. Very few people leave their primary jobs to join the MLM industry full time. In fact, in the direct sales business in the United States today, which is about a 30 billion dollar a year channel of distribution, there are about 13 million people involved. This translates into perhaps one in ten households involved in MLM, according to studies done by leading trade organizations. And, 90 percent of these folks are working in direct selling on a part time basis.

When MLM companies seek out distributors to sell their products and services, in reality, they are competing for each individual’s time. People have other distractions that occupy their lives and time. Life changes occur. They get a salary raise. They start coaching little league. They move. Distributors tend to flow in and out of the direct selling business, not necessarily because they don’t like the product or the business, but because it is a part time endeavor.

The most important thing distributors should remember when they go out and speak to other people about the company and opportunity is that they should remain positive about the product and the opportunity.

However, even more importantly, distributors should be realistic about what they are communicating. Be realistic about the claims being made about the product and the opportunity. This only makes common sense. In fact, common sense is a prevailing factor in this type of business.

Above all, distributors should be positive, realistic and exude common sense. If you are successful in these areas then you’ll likely be very successful in your direct selling business.

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