Free “How To” Manual – Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company for Executives of Network Marketing Companies

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Click this image for an up-close view of the manual cover.

Click this image for an up-close view of the manual cover.









The “How To” Manual: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company – FREE (For qualifying executives of direct selling, network marketing, MLM companies only.  Click HERE to see if you qualify.)

Some Chapters Topics Include:

Legal Issues
MLM Law in 50 States
FDA Health Claims: The Final Rules
The Snail that got Mugged: FTC v. Direct Selling
Start-up  Issues
Incorporating the Network Marketer
Five Dynamics that Drive An MLM Company
Creating Your Next Million Dollar Product
Treasure Hunting for New Products
Compensation Plans
Comp. Plan Conversion: Direct Sales to MLM
Your Compensation Plan’s Competitive Edge
Communications and Media
Focus on the Mission…Not the Commission!
When the Media Calls… Who Answers the Phone?

Some of the Key Corporate Issues included in the manual involve:

  • Legal
  • Start-Up
  • Compensation Plans
  • Communication Tools
  • Software
  • Media
  • Affiliate Programs
If you don't start it right, you can't expect to get it right.

If you don’t start it right, you can’t expect to get it right.






This FREE MLM Startup Manual is courtesy of and the law firm of Babener & Associates.

Qualifying executives of network marketing and direct selling companies can request a free “How To” Manual that includes vital information for starting and running the successful MLM company. Please call our office at 503-226-6600 or 800-231-2162 to see if you qualify.

This manual is crammed with articles and notes about what it takes to make your multilevel company successful. If you don’t start it right, you can’t expect to get it right.

Check out some of these article titles:

  • How to Analyze Compensation Plans
  • The Compensation Plan: the heart of a successful MLM company
  • Creating Your Next Million Dollar Product
  • Some Thoughts On Selecting A Good Software Provider

Written by experts in the field; tap into the greatest resource of knowledge and experience in the direct selling industry.

This is the manual that we provide to all attendees of our very popular MLM Startup Conference: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company; our next conference is May 15th & 16th, 2014.

In order to receive your free manual, complete the following form.  This information is vital to executives of Network Marketing (MLM) companies, whether you are involved at a start-up level or are an emerging company, ready to launch and grow your company. We will confirm with you to verify that you will benefit from the information presented in the manual and then send you the complete handbook for FREE. Call us at 503-226-6600 or 800-231-2162 to see if you qualify.

Click here to read about just some of the industry-leading experts who’ve contributed years of their industry knowledge to the FREE MLM STARTUP MANUAL pages:

Jeff Babener represents leading US and foreign companies in the direct selling industry.  He has been advisor to such companies as Avon, Discovery Toys, Nikken, New Vision, NuSkin, Excel, Fuller Brush, Cell Tech, Kaire, Sunrider, Melaleuca, and more.

Michael Sheffield is co-founder and Chairman on the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA).  His company has assisted in over 300 MLM company startups including such companies as Fuller Brush, Service Master and Home Shopping Network.  He has designed over 100 MLM compensation plans and is regularly published in Wealth Building magazine and Money Makers Monthly.

Alfred White is senior management consultant for Hamilton LaRonde & Associates and has extensive international experience in MLM consulting.  He is highly regarded for his expertise in operations management and compensation plans.

Clifton Jolley is President of Advent Communications and has provided communications products and consulting to leaders in network marketing for more than 15 years.  His skill in crisis intervention and media relations has been credited with “rescuing” dozens of Advent clients from media scrutiny.  Advent Communications is also known for their state-of-the-art graphics production, including distributor kits, manuals, web sites and videos.

David Klaybor is President of Powerline Systems, a widely recognized distributor training organization.  The Powerline Planner is in wide use as a management system by companies and distributors.

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