Four Factors that Make a MLM Company Successful

What are the factors that make a MLM company successful? According the Jeff Babener, in the video Factors that Make a MLM Company Successful, there are four major factors to the success of a direct selling company:

1)      Compensation plans must be fair. Companies often raise suspicion if they tout a “sizzling” compensation plan.

2)      Quality products and service. Both customers and distributors must be able to bond with the product.

3)      Company management. The leadership of the company must have a vision that brings greater meaning to distributors and customers.

4)      Training. Distributors need to bond with each other and bond with sales leadership. Any investment in developing leaders is a good investment.

For more details, watch the video: Factors that Make a MLM Company Successful. Or, visit and for more information on the direct selling industry.

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2 Responses to Four Factors that Make a MLM Company Successful

  1. Albanjari says:

    I agree, there are alot out there and there is a negative resnpose even with the successful ones. If someone tells me no, I just ask them why they think it is bad or a pyramid . There is usually no valid resnpose as they are speaking via hearsay or something they do not know about first hand. These are the fun ones for me as I tell them to at least be open enough to watch my progress and remember that I offered them this opportunity when…. and also tell them that the offer will still be open once they realize that this company is the real deal and are kicking them selves for not joining earlier. MLM is not for the thin skinned mentality, there are some mean people out there and you just have to take the good with the bad. I am very glad I did not let this opportunity pass me byHave a Great Day

    • Charity says:

      It sounds like you have a great outlook. The industry has had some struggles, but that doesn’t mean that all MLM companies are illegal. In fact, there are many very successful and legitimate MLM companies.

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