Direct Sales Executive Offers Advice on How to Achieve Success in MLM

In the March 2013 issue of Direct Selling News Mark Pentecost, Founder and CEO of It Works! Global*, offered some advice to MLM company executives looking to grow their business. Mr. Pentecost offers the following advice to network marketing company owners:

1)      Be a leader: “Leaders don’t follow the masses. They lead them.”

2)      Be simple: Create one goal per year and stick to it no matter what distractions come your way. “They may sound good at first, but they can derail your goals, your team, your culture, and, ultimately, your sales.”

3)      Be goal-driven: Make one goal, achieve it, and then set another. “Even after achieving $100 million in sales five months early, we didn’t stop making goals or focused decisions – we just started making bigger ones.”

4)      Be an executive: Make decisions for your company based on its culture and cash flow. “Why not make that one decision right now that can take your business to the next level?”

Mr. Pentecost concluded that he wrote this article to make an impact on other MLM executives, stating, “…the one decision that will rally your team behind your mission and put you on the map as an innovative company in direct sales.”

The Direct Selling News article titled “One Decision to $100 Million… and Then Some” can be found at

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