Create a Prospect List!

How to find network marketing leadsPotential Distributors are quite literally all around you. Friends, relatives, neighbors, PTA, people you run into at the post office and grocery store. They are everywhere! Consider using this list to develop your own prospect list, and remember, these folks may know others who are also potential customers!

Workplace Prospects:

– People who need to earn extra income

– People who are intrigued by new opportunities

– People who are in a similar line of work, like sales

– People who are high-energy and gregarious

Neighborhood Prospects:

– College students looking for extra money

– Stay-at-home moms/dads who are looking for extra money

– Landlords/tenants

– Members of Neighborhood Watch

– Retired people looking to supplement their income

– Members of community organizations

– People you commonly run into at the grocery store, post office, library…

Service-Provider Prospects:

– Diaper service delivery

– Dry cleaners

– Meter readers/electricians

– Exterminators

– Firemen/policemen

– Gardeners

– Housekeepers

– Postal employees

– Salespeople

Religious Organization Prospects:

– Minister/rabbi/priest

– Ministers of music

– Religious educational directors

– Youth workers

– Members of the religious organization

– Religious community outreach opportunities

Professional Prospects:

– Accountants

– Attorneys

– Dentists

– Doctors

– Nurses

– Hairdressers and salons

Athletic Prospects:

– Clubs

– Fitness centers

– Teammates

– Athletic partners

– Competing teams and their families

School Prospects:

– Alumni associations

– Co-students

– Parents of other children

– Teachers/PTA

Social Contacts:

– New and old acquaintances

– Friends

– Social media networks

– Website networking

– Online forums and groups



– Lodges

– Boy/girl scouts

– Volunteer groups

Other prospects who may be interested in joining your organization:

– Babysitter/child care center

– Bakery

– Banker

– Builder/contractor

– Carpet cleaner

– Department stores

– Druggists

– Florist

– Gift shops

– Health spas

– And plenty more

Solicit the Solicitors:

– All door-to-door or party plan salespeople

– Other direct selling representatives

Relative Prospects:

– Distant relative

– In-laws

– Extended family members

Newspaper Prospects:

– People who are actively looking for part time work

Potential customers and distributors are everywhere. We hope that this extensive list will help to give you some ideas of where you can start to begin growing your network marketing business.

Just remember, you’re lucky to make one sale out of 10. Don’t get discouraged. Embrace rejection. Hard work and confidence will go a long way in your success!

Want to know expert MLM Attorney Jeff Babener’s advice on finding new leads? Watch this video:

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