An Introduction to Direct Selling and The Basics of MLM

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The Introduction of Expert MLM Attorney, Jeff Babener

Jeffrey Babener of Babener and Associates is a legal legend in network marketing for his representation of some of the biggest and best MLM companies in our industry, as well as for his contribution to the positive development of network marketing law.

His several books are viewed as cornerstones for understanding correct business practices in the direct selling industry. And, his quarterly seminars on how to launch and run an MLM company have served as the foundation for dozens of direct selling companies that have become network marketing success stories.

Mr. Jeffrey Babener, please introduce us to network marketing…

Mr. Jeff Babener: Unfortunately, we have many companies out there that are scams masquerading as legitimate multilevel marketing, direct selling companies. This has been a problem for the industry. There is often a fine line between legitimate and pyramid companies since the structure of all companies are in some pyramid format, but the courts and regulatory agencies have long established the difference between legitimate and illegitimate.

The bottom line is that we are looking for a product or a service that has a legitimate place in the consumer marketplace. When we look for a legitimate MLM company, we are looking for a variety of things. We’re looking for a product that is fairly priced and that gets used. We’re looking for a program that pays commissions only on products that are sold to the customer and are used. We are looking for a program that doesn’t involve inflated earnings claims or earnings exaggerations. We are particularly looking for a program that doesn’t involve high-cost investments or inventory loading.

We’re looking for programs that don’t involve overinflated pricing of products. We’re looking for programs that are intended for the long-run. And eventually, what is asked of the company by consumers, courts, regulatory agencies, etc. is if people are buying products or services from the company, what are they paying and why are they paying it?

If they are paying an exorbitant amount of money just to buy into the program and to qualify into what everyone refers to as “the deal,” it’s an illegitimate program. If they’re buying products and services because they want them, they intend to use them, and they have a market for them, then the business model probably will work. Always remember, there is always a fine line.

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