Why Would an Attorney Host a MLM Startup Conference? Watch the Video!

We have hosted more than 70 national conferences on starting and running a direct selling, network marketing, MLM or party plan company. We have started and advised many of the leading companies in the industry and we have a “big picture” that may be difficult to find elsewhereWe are big believers in education and our website, www.mlmlegal.com, is hopefully evidence of this, with hundreds of articles, cases, statutes, and scores of videos. We take a particular satisfaction in helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and the consequence is often the creation of thousands of jobs and opportunities. And at our conferences, we have started many companies that are today, household names. It has been a pleasure and honor to assemble professionals in these conferences to assist individuals to create “something from nothing.”

At the conference, we facilitate relationship-building, networking, and the educating of MLM entrepreneurs. We bring direct selling experts from around the country to one location to coach attendees on software, technology, compensation plans, sales kits, recruiting, funding, capitalization, legal, and many other topics that are imperative to any MLM executive. Attendees are educated in a classroom-type setting by industry experts and then are offered one-on-one time to speak with any (or all) expert they choose. Our goal is to harness long-term relationships, while educating the next generation of network marketing entrepreneurs about the strength and credibility of the MLM industry. An industry that supports millions of people around the world.

As the creator and host of the original MLM Startup Conference, we support the MLM entrepreneur and play a key role in establishing new companies in the industry through our event. If you’re starting, or thinking of starting a network marketing company, we highly recommend that you attend. This is the best, and most longstanding, conference offered anywhere.

Are you interested in attending the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Companyconference? Visit our conference page, view our speaker list, or get more details. All executives/owners of direct selling companies are welcome to attend. Call 800-231-2162 to register.

For more encouraging words to achieve success in network marketing, visit Attorney Jeff Babener’s websites: www.mlmlegal.com and www.mlmattorney.com.

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