Who Should be the First Key Employee that a Company Should Hire?

Who should be the first key hire for a MLM company? This is a question often asked by company owners. And, usually companies are started by one or two individuals. In a way, you are your own first key hire, but you are not really hiring yourselves. You are sweat equity. When you have sufficient funds to go out and hire, the question is, “should we hire somebody to run operations?” If you have recruitment capabilities, then an operations individual may be your first hire. However, frequently recruitment capabilities are limited. Therefore, it is more likely you may hire a VP of Marketing,  because recruitment and retention is the driving force behind your business, and you may be somewhat capable of pushing through on initial operations.  So, if things are going slow and you do have the capital, the first key hire will probably be somebody with substantial experience in the network marketing industry, such as a VP of Marketing in another direct selling company or a highly-successful distributor, somebody that works well with people. That person will probably be your first key hire with the next hire being an operations officer.  Obviously, if you have sufficient funding, hire both simultaneously.

Watch this video to find out which other key hires are important for new startup MLM companies: Who are the first key hires for a MLM Company?

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