Where can I find the training I need to start an MLM company?

There is plenty of training for MLM distributors, but where is the training for people who are looking to start a direct selling business?

You’ve come to the right place. The MLM industry is blessed with extraordinary professionals who lecture and write extensively on how to start an MLM company. To begin, visit www.mlmlegal.com, which holds a wealth of information and educational videos. There, you will find no end to articles, videos, MLM company profiles, vendor resources, and business/legal discussions about MLM company startup.

In addition, for more than 20 years, the Law Firm of Babener & Associates, and www.mlmlegal.com, has presented more than 60 two-day training conferences for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start their own MLM company. These conferences are held three times per year (February, May and October) and industry leaders are available to speak to attendees one-on-one at every event.

In addition, the worldwide web abounds with other great educational websites MLM startup entrepreneurs. A few good places to visit first include: www.sheffieldnet.com, www.mlm.com and www.mlmattorney.com.

MLMLegal.com also offers the FREE MLM Startup Manual for the executives of direct selling companies.

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