What Compensation Plans Do Consultants Generally Prefer?

Compensation plans are drawn by skilled craftsmen.

Compensation plans are drawn by skilled craftsmen.

As the French say, “a chaque a son gout.” Translated, this means, to each his own taste. And this is the truth. There is no right or wrong when it comes to types of compensation plans, whether they be unilevel, stairstep breakaway, binary, matrix, Australia Two Up, etc.

In fact, it is rare today to see a compensation plan that does not combine elements of various models as well as various add on features such as a shared bonus pool, enroller bonus, check match, infinity bonus, generational payout, fast start bonus, etc. Compensation plans are drawn by skilled craftsmen such as Michael Sheffield of the Sheffield Group, www.Sheffieldnet.com, to incentivize differing types of behavior. And incentives may be accomplished by rewarding those who have substantial personal volume, substantial group volume, sponsor wide, sponsor deep, train their downline, demonstrate substantial retention, demonstrate the building of other leaders, etc. Differing compensation plan models reward differing types of behavior. In general party plan companies tend toward unilevel and generational bonuses. Consumables companies tend toward matrixes and binaries because the focus is on recruiting large downlines. Australia Two Up plans tend to be oriented to high-priced, one-time purchases.

As a general matter, all compensation plans have a similar amount to distribute, ranging from 30-50%. How the pie is cut differs from business to business. A party plan skews payments to the direct sale. A consumables plan skews payments to be spread over a larger base. In the end, the compensation plans chosen are tailored to the products, economic objectives and behavior to be incentivized.

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