What do Startup Companies Think about Long Term Professional Relationships? Watch the Video!

MLMLegal.com and Babener & Associates have had long term professional relationships with many direct selling companies, from startup to stable. We were involved in early stages of a number of leading MLM companies, including some traded on the NYSE.

We aren’t just lawyers. We often know more about the direct selling business than most of our clients. In many ways we have become partners with our clients since we’ve been in the industry for such a long time. We often take on a significant role as both a legal and business advisor for our clients.

Generally speaking, however, most of our clients try to cover all of their bases legally right at the beginning of launching. They often have their agreements in place, as well as their policies and procedures. Companies will secure a trademark early in development, which is very important. As is tax issues, regulatory compliance and relationships with their consultants. Company owners are building a living organism that is constantly changing and growing, which is why so many of the companies that we represent have been with us for five, ten, even twenty years or more. For instance, in 1990 we assisted one of the largest direct selling companies, from Japan, to establish headquarters in the U.S. Today we represent them in nearly 40 countries. We have been their key legal advisor for almost 25 years.

Successful companies have a great product, they are able to recruit and they have adequate funding. There are many factors that contribute to the early success of a company. We are simply one arrow in the quiver of that success.

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