Quote of the Week – Future of 2014

“Looking from your perspective, what will be the most important issue, whether it be an opportunity or a threat, in the direct selling industry that will need a closer focus Next Year?”

As one American troubadour notes, “money talks, but it can’t sing and dance, and it can’t walk…” For the direct selling industry, in 2013 the markets and money managers have swung to the positive by billions of dollars. But industry observers always await for the “other shoe” to drop; lack of legislative and regulatory clarity means that the industry is only as secure as its last court opinion. Until federal legislation and the FTC rules are amended to recognize that distributor “personal use” of products is within the paradigm of legitimate direct selling, as opposed to pyramid scheme, the cloud will persist.

Click here to view Mr. Babener’s quote at World of Direct Selling.

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