Percentage of Direct Sellers by Time Worked (Part Time vs. Full Time)

Recently, the Direct Selling Association released its U.S. Direct Selling in 2011 Fact Sheet [PDF] which provided statistics for the percentage of direct sellers by time worked.

In 2008, 91.1 percent of direct sellers were part time. That figure rose slightly in 2009 with 92.5 percent of direct sellers working part time. The statistics steadily decrease in 2010 with 91.1 percent of direct sellers working part time and in 2011 with 88.8 percent working part time.

Full time direct sellers represented 8.9 percent of sellers in 2008, 7.5 percent in 2009, 8.9 percent in 2010, and 11.2 percent in 2011.

The statistics show that the majority of direct sellers work on a part time basis.

For more statistics on the direct selling industry visit and

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