Percentage of Direct Sellers by Race in the United States

What races make up direct sellers? Recently, the Direct Selling Association released its U.S. Direct Selling in 2011 Fact Sheet [PDF] which provided statistics for the percentage of direct sellers according to race for 2010.

In 2010:

White non-Hispanic: 73.5%

Hispanic: 14.2%

Black or African American: 7.1%

Asian or Pacific Islander: 3.1%

American Indian/Alaska Native: 0.5%

Other/Unknown: 1.6%

In 2010, according to the US Census (the 2010 Growth and Outlook Survey):

White non-Hispanic: 63.8%

Hispanic: 8.7%

Black or African American: 12.6%

Asian or Pacific Islander: 4.9%

American Indian/Alaska Native: 0.9%

Other/Unknown: 6.2%

Additional data on direct sellers can be found at In particular, the webpages An Overview of an Exciting Industry and Hard Facts about a Growing Industry provide additional statistical information. You can also visit‘s blog for statistical information.

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