Over 700 MLM, Network Marketing, Party Plan, Direct Selling Profiles at MLMLegal.com

The editors of MLMLegal.com have worked for over four years to research, write and maintain hundreds of MLM, network marketing, party plan, and direct selling company profiles. There are now 725 MLM company profiles on MLMLegal.com‘s company profile page.

Hundreds of companies have gone out of business throughout the years, and some have especially been hit hard in the last recession; however, hundreds have also endured the test of time.

We constantly updating each MLM company’s information; whether it be their products, compensation plans, U.S. sales base, or mergers and buyouts. However, be sure to double check the company’s website to make sure you are getting the absolute most recent and up-to-date information. In addition, we are constantly on the lookout for newly-launched direct selling companies to profile.

Here are some of the newest additions to MLMLegal.com:

ZeroPoint Global

Super Soy Gifts (Mia Bella Candles)



We’ve prepared the MLM Company Profiles webpage for informational purposes only. We don’t endorse any company. We are simply providing an educational tool for visitors’ convenience. These profiles are a great place to get quick, easy and fast information about compensation plans, company histories, products, and the like. We are proud of MLMLegal.com‘s extensive informational and educational attributes. Although it may be easy to get lost (and sometimes it is fun getting a little lost), MLMLegal.com provides legal articles, MLM in law in 50 states, over 700 MLM company profiles, hundreds of direct selling cases, FTC updates, BurnLounge case analysis, vendor directories, news headlines, iTunes application, educational MLM videos, and so much more. Be sure to visit MLMLegal.com and MLMAttorney.com for all the information you need on the direct selling industry.

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