Only 7 Days Left Until the MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas!

There are only seven days left until the MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas! There are only six days left to register to attend! The MLM Startup Conference: Starting and

Free MLM Startup Manual!

Running the Successful MLM Company Conference begins February 21st, 2013 at 9:00AM and ends on February 22nd, 2013 at 8:00PM. This Conference is the for executives/owners of direct selling, network marketing, MLM, and party plan companies. Call 503-226-6600 or 800-231-2162 to register (registrations are taken only by phone) or for more details!

(Can’t make this Conference? Keep an eye on our website for the May and October Conferences!)

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MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas

February 2013 MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas

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MLM Startup Conference – A Must for Executives of Startup and Existing MLM Companies

Presented by one of the most trusted individuals in direct selling and MLM, Jeffrey Babener, Editor of

About Attorney Jeffrey Babener: Conference Host and Chairman, Editor of, as well as the leading direct selling attorney in the United States – With over 25 years of experience as a direct selling attorney, Jeffrey Babener has advised leading companies in the MLM/Direct Selling industry, ranging from Avon to Nikken, from Melaleuca to Usana and Excel Communications, plus many more. He’s been published in national magazines such as Money, Inc., Atlantic Monthly, Entrepreneur magazine, Direct Selling News, Direct Sales Journal, Success magazine, Money Maker’s Monthly, among countless others. He’s authored several books, including his most popular Network Marketing: What you should know. Mr. Babener has chaired more than 60 national conferences on direct selling.

Contact: Babener & Associates/
Telephone: 503-226-6600/800-231-2162

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