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What’s hot in this week’s news machine e-newsletter? What’s hot in this week’s news machine e-newsletter? This week’s articles focus on Vemma, the FTC, and the future of MLM – to mention a few – in the articles “Vemma vs. FTC: Guidance for the Direct Selling Industry – Welcome to the Future” and “The FTC Final Business Opportunity Rule: Still Work to do for MLM/Direct Selling/Network Marketing.”

Our huge newsletter subscriber list of MLM independent consultants will enjoy this week’s video that discusses ‘Do Incentives Increase Sales? How Worthwhile Are Consultant Incentives?’ Expert Business Consultant and MLM Attorney Jeff Babener answers this question. Do incentives help you increase your sales? Watch this video to find out and comment below!

The company profiled in this week’s newsletter is The Fuller Brush Company. With a celebrated history that reflects over a 100 years of excellence, the Fuller Brush Company is one of the iconic names in American business. Read more about this MLM company in this week’s newsletter archive.

Like all other weeks, there is the latest scam news as well. Check out the company names popping up on MLM scam alert sites:

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