NEW Video! What Do I Do with Distributors Who Go Passive (for MLM Executives)?

It has long been recognized that there is high attrition among network marketing consultants, perhaps as high as 80-90%! The vast majority of MLM distributors are part time and they join and leave for many reasons. The fault is not necessarily with the company. In fact, a direct selling company is competing for their time. MLM companies are competing for time with consultants who may be involved in the PTA, little league, another part time job, family demands, shifting duties as work, etc.

What is most important is that a MLM company use its time with its consultants to demonstrate great products and great service. Surely, it is important to try to keep distributors active; but if they do go passive, hopefully they will continue to buy products and services in the same fashion as preferred customers. Whether or not that happens is dependent on whether the distributor has truly bonded with the quality of product and service. At that point, MLM companies should take a lead from online sellers such as Amazon to determine what drives customers to continue coming back again and again. And at some point in the future, when the time is right, the passive individual who has a continuing positive experience, may well be back again as an active distributor.

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