New Video: Are There MLM Companies That Have Achieved Success on a Low Budget?

No one starts at the top and it is the rare company that starts with millions of dollars. It is not unusual to see MLM startup companies spend hundreds of thousands, this just may not be possible for many startups with a dream. The fact is that many of today’s successful companies started at kitchen tables, in basements and garages, or even mixing their products in bathtubs, on a budget. A look at Pampered Chef, Silpada, Longaberger and even Amway will reveal very humble beginnings. It may take longer and perhaps the chances of success without proper capitalization are much lower, but it can be done. Small startups may emulate from company profiles found at; they may do their initial books and commissions with Quicken and they may do their printing at local fast print shops. Just hang in there. Finance is “good,” but passion and hard work can also compensate. As Neil Diamond said, “money talks, but it can’t dance and it can’t walk.”

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