MLM Compensation Plans: Maxtrix, Stair Step, Unilevel, and More – New Video!

Conversation with Jeff Babener Video Series: Learn about the difference between the various compensation plans and how distributors are compensated with each plan. It’s called multi-level marketing since distributors are compensated at each level as they recruit more consultants. How many levels are distributors compensated at? Learn about breakaway compensation plans. Learn the difference between sponsors and recruits. Get the definition of each unique compensation plan and which plans are most common and which are less successful. How many levels deep is it most common to go, and legal, to go? When does a compensation plan become a lottery, which is considered legal by many states? Which programs have stood the test of time, and which have gone by the wayside? Which compensation plan should you choose so that your company is legal and stands the test of time? Learn how to ask the right questions to determine a legitimate operating MLM company vs. a pyramid scheme. Watch the video.

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