Learn What is Needed to Recruit Top-Selling Distributors for Your MLM Company

The following is presented by Jeff Babener, the editor of MLMLegal.com. He discusses recruitment capability below.

You need to be honest with yourself. Do you, or those who are key owners in the business, have a MLM recruitment background? Without this talent the best products will continue to languish on the shelf. Companies like Amway, Tupperware, Mary Kay, and Home Interiors were not only founded on a very limited budget, but by individuals with strong backgrounds in direct selling.

Company leaders should develop a recruitment strategy. It may seem odd, but your top distributors may not arrive for many years. Those would-be leaders who come to you seeking special benefits or corporate positions do not pay high salaries to those who claim to be able to recruit but cannot demonstrate a strong track record of success. As a general matter, if individuals are strong recruiters then they would be distributors because the remuneration is much higher.

Track your warmest market then move on to lead generation systems and advertising. You shouldn’t expect initial advertising to bring you all of your distributors. Instead, consider initial advertising a foundational industry announcement that you (and your company) have arrived on the scene.

History demonstrates that direct selling will always be a person to person relationship business. The internet, direct mail, or mechanized recruiting campaigns do carry a lot of hype. However, there is no substitute for “pressing the flesh.”

– Jeff Babener

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