Join for the Product or the Compensation Plan?

Join a MLM Company for the compensation plan or the product?What is more important to distributors, the compensation plan or the product?

It is common for distributors to be recruited based on an attractive compensation plan. Instant monetary benefits, promises of instant wealth, and enormous payouts are often advertised by companies. However, no company has ever been successful based on its compensation plan alone. An out-of-this-world compensation plan often gives the company an initial jump start, but time will prove that a great compensation plan alone isn’t enough to sustain a company.

Of course, a competitive compensation plan with great incentives are important, but “ground breaking” plans are more often a mirage for poor products, that you may have a hard time selling, or poor company management.

In the short term, “unprecedented” compensation plans may work, but they are not sustainable in the long term. Great products, which attract quality distributors and customers, and an organized management team, are what carry a company long-term.

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