Incentivize to Increase Company Sales in Network Marketing

Incentivize to Increase Company Sales in Network MarketingIncentivize to increase sales across your business. There are vastly different types of incentive programs.

The most assumed and expected incentives are monetary and come in the form of bonuses and commissions. Since direct selling companies are trying to incentivize different types of consultant behavior, the compensation plans of MLM companies are often complex and multi-task to provide incentives for retail selling, preferred recurring customers, building wide, building deep, working with immediate downlines and deep into a downline, time sensitive personal and group sales production, personal and group sales, longevity, quick start, among others. Incentive programs are usually designed to affect the distributor’s ultimate sales behavior.

Beyond cash incentives, most leading network marketing companies understand the power and inspiration behind noncash incentives that resonate financially and emotionally with distributors and keep them bonded to the company. Among the common incentives are auto lease support programs, house payment support programs, travel/trip incentives, conventions, reward pins and accessories, iPads, and tangible giveaways.

Of course, the most powerful noncash incentive is recognition for distributor accomplishments.

Do you want to learn more about incentives? Check out the video by expert MLM Attorney, Jeff Babener:

Do Incentives Increase Sales? How Worthwhile Are Consultant Incentives?

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