How Important is Recruiting to a MLM Company’s Success?

The question is often asked, “How important is recruiting to a MLM company’s success?” The industry really is driven by a volunteer army of distributors, in a sales force that comes and goes. They come and go, not because they’re upset with the company, not necessarily because the company let them down, but because they have other obligations in their lives and companies are competing for their time. Are they going to be a little league coach? Did they get a promotion at work? Are they on a church committee? People have commitments that pull them in and out of network marketing. So there is a high attrition rate in this business. Companies are always required to have emphasis on recruitment and we have often found that the companies that have the ability to recruit (assuming they have other positive factors that draw in recruits, such as good products) are the ones that succeed in the long run and also need less capital. We often say that your need for capital is inverse in proportion to your ability to recruit and that seems to be common axiom in the industry.

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