Four Ways to Improve Your Success Using Social Media

It isn’t always easy to increase brand awareness using social media. Here are some tips on how you can improve brand awareness using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter:

1)      Relate to your readers. Many business professionals using social media, like Twitter and Facebook, are uncomfortable with sharing “trivial” information on their social media networks, such as their hobbies. However, engaging readers by displaying your personality is crucial in building relationships online. You may be selling cosmetics through Mary Kay to earn extra income, but you may also enjoy gardening, and therefore, could share a picture of your latest backyard project. It is always nice to have a face behind the brand and the product that is relatable and real.

2)      Engage your followers. Ask them questions, tell them our business story, allow them to have fun, and involve them in problem solving. Your followers will remain much more loyal to you if you are engaging and fun.

3)      Let go of control. Create a marketing campaign in which your followers can participate, vote for or create something themselves. Motivate followers to participate in discussions, product ideas, etc. An article at titled “4 Steps to Connecting with Social Media Fans” states, “By actively seeking and incorporating feedback from your fans, you are shifting control to them and make them brand ambassadors.”

4)      Pay attention to your followers. Be sure to pay attention to your social networks and respond to messages and notifications. You don’t want to appear distant or alienate your social media contacts by ignoring them. In addition, address any negative feedback as soon as possible and be sure to be positive.

There are many more ways to improve your brand using social media. What works for you? How do you attract and maintain an active audience of friends and followers online?

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  1. Shanetta says:

    Very good and true info. These are some easy pointers and being reminded of the simple things in life go a long way!!

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