Carl Icahn says he made $1 billion on winning Herbalife trade against Ackman

Carl Icahn speaking at Delivering Alpha in New York on Sept. 13, 2016.

Legendary investor Carl Icahn: I thought Ackman would get out of Herbalife sooner  

Five years after his on-air verbal brawl with Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman over Herbalife, Carl Icahn said he made a billion dollars from his investment in the nutritional supplement maker.

“I enjoy a good fight, especially when I win it,” Icahn said Thursday on CNBC’s “Halftime Report.” “On paper, I made a billion.”

Icahn said his relationship with Ackman is friendly.

“I honestly, in a strange way, I thank Bill … I wish him well,” he said. “He called me up yesterday and congratulated me.”

The billionaire investor added he has not sold a single Herbalife share.

“Herbalife management did an incredible job through this. It was a major distraction for Herbalife,” he said. “I think Herbalife is a great company, makes great products.”

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