Bare Basics for Success in Network Marketing

The CEO of Primemerica, John Addison, likes to tell his distributors: See you at the top, it is too crowded at the bottom. It is inspiring.

However, the fact is that, just as in all life’s endeavors, in network marketing, no one starts at the top. But, a combination of attitude and persistence, and yes, some good fortune, are the tools to take you there.

Your return is in direct proportion to what you “put in”. As Yogi Berra said, you will find that the ball went right where I hit it.

So, based on more than two decades of advising some of the most successful network marketing companies and their distributors, the following common sense list distills some absolute basics to “heading to the top.”

1.        Meet people. This is a people business. To be successful in network marketing, you have to let your hair down and get out and mix it up with other people. The only way you’ll make sales or find recruits for your sales organization is to get out there and rub shoulders. If you are not a people person, this business probably isn’t for you.

2.        Believe in your products and services. If you don’t use the goods or services your company offers, and you don’t sincerely believe that you’re doing people a service by offering these things to them, it will show up in your sales. You need to be the type of person who can get enthused about sharing good things with others.

3.        Be patient. Network marketing is like any other activity. You have to give it time. When you find a good company, you should give your new business at least two years to succeed.

4.        Attend company training programs. Most companies have high quality training programs to teach you to sell the product and to recruit new distributors. If you want to be successful in this business, you must be willing to take advantage of ongoing training opportunities and incorporate what you learn in your daily operations.

5.        Work with your sponsor, and work with those you sponsor. A network marketing sales organization is very much like a family.  When you first join a company, you are like a child who should be anxious to learn the ropes from the person who sponsored you. As you learn and gain experience, you should actively work with the distributors you sponsor, and help them do the same for the people they sponsor. The more success they achieve, the more success you will achieve. If you’re not willing to help others and be helped, this business is not for you.

6.        Think positive. You are going to be exposed to a lot of motivational speakers and materials in this business. This is true of any sales business. Some will be useless and frivolous. But some will put you in the right frame of mind to succeed, and help you keep pushing ahead when things don’t go smoothly. Remember this business isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. There will be hard work. There will be rejection. If it takes ten presentations to make one sale, you’ll have to wade through nine rejections. If you are the type of person who can maintain a positive attitude, you’ll have an advantage in network marketing.

7.        Get organized. This is a business. To succeed, you must be the type of person who can get down to business by being organized and methodical. Make good use of time planners. Use your home computer for tracking customers and recruits. Set aside a place in your home that is only for business.

8.        Be loyal. Don’t become a multilevel junkie! Some distributors fail because they bounce from one network marketing program to another. This is a prescription for failure. While many successful distributors may be involved in promoting two or three direct selling product lines at once, the most successful distributors are those who focus on promoting the products or services of a single network marketing company over a long period of time.  Find the right company, and then stick with it. Loyalty pays.

9.        Work! Network marketing is not a quick, easy path to a lifetime of prosperity. Nor is it a free ride to wealth that requires absolutely no effort on your part. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, it doesn’t work at all unless you do! You have to devote time and effort to it especially at first. It can pay huge rewards. But, regardless of what anyone tells you, you have to work for them.  If you think you can do these nine things that network marketers have to do to succeed, and do them well, this business may be right down your alley!  Good luck!

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