4 Tips to Become a Top-Selling MLM Distributor

MLM Company EventLet’s face it. Sales isn’t easy. It’s no different in multilevel marketing. But that’s you goal! You want to become a top-earning distributor in your MLM company. It’s not impossible. After over 30 years in the legal MLM business, we’ve seen how successful distributors achieve results. We’ll share some of that knowledge with you here.

It’s always a good idea as a MLM distributor to keep yourself encouraged and engaged in your career by participating in company-offered training events. Company training events are meant to enhance your sales skills and increase your motivation. Enthusiastic network marketing companies will offer their distributors tools and seminars to help you improve and grow your business. Many MLM companies offer training tools in an online, back-office environment, while others will host elaborate in-person events in select cities.

You can always find ways to improve your sales and business skills online, either through your company’s training materials or by performing your own online research. Articles, business and sales books, and blogs written by successful distributors are great places to start.

MLM company seminars are particularly encouraging for MLM distributors. At company events, you’ll be able to meet other like-minded, goal-oriented distributors who will inspire you. Networking at company training events will empower you to meet other distributors within the company.

When you attend a distributor recognition or training event, shake plenty of hands and ask a lot of questions. We suggest a few starter tips for networking at company-sponsored events:

  • What is your motivation story? Successful distributors will share motivational stories and tips for successful selling and recruiting. Have you ever wondered how top distributors earn incomes in the $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 range? At your company’s training event, successful distributors will share their stories of how they became successful as MLM consultants.
  • How do you use social media? There are top distributors who have mastered networking and sales through social media. Be sure to meet people who have creative ideas on how to use social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to sell bucket-loads of products/services.
  • Who do you sell to? Do you feel like you’ve exhausted your friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances? Company events are a great place to hear the secrets of how top-earning distributors have reached outside of their social circle and sold to the rest of the world.
  • Why are your customers eager to make purchases from you? It’s not magic, but tricks do exist in selling and creating memorable introductions to potential customers. Make sure to ask how top distributors are engaging with their customers. What makes them good at selling? Perhaps you too can learn a few tricks to help you in your business?

Try to attend as many company events as possible. Take advantage of these events, meet people, and soak in the knowledge offered by the company and its top distributors. A MLM company training event is the absolute best place to learn how to grow your own business. If at all possible, use these events to find yourself a mentor or sponsor who will support you in your sales goals and teach you how to sell, where to sell, and how to meet your sales goals.

Being around people who are pursuing similar goals can help you stay focused and work harder to attain professional success. MLM company events will help you get excited about what you’re doing, and give you the extra boost you need to set your goals a little higher than before.

And always, with hard work and dedication, you may find yourself mentoring new distributors or starting your own direct selling business some day!

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