Library of Articles II

Library of Articles II

MLM Going International

MLM Going International

Network marketing companies are anxious to take advantage of the international boom. "Understanding business and legal issues is paramount for international expansion," reports Mr. Babener in this article published by Money Maker's Monthly.

High Tech Meets MLM

High Tech Meets MLM

"Today, network marketers sell and recruit by fax on demand, voice mail, E-mail, Internet, and every other method of electronic telecommunication. They fax in orders, enter orders by touch tone phone and even sign up new distributors and sell through web sites on the Internet."

This article talks about the advances and pitfalls in an industry that grows one person at a time and is now being changed one byte at a time.

ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE's special issue called the 1995 BUYER'S GUIDE TO Franchise and Business Opportunities carried an article titled: MLM: Opportunities Abound. In it Mr. Babener honestly answers such questions as:


What is Network Marketing?

Who is the Typical Distributor?

What to Look For?

Why is it Hot?

What do They Sell?

EXITO - SIN LIMITE: Network Marketing - Es Para Ti?

EXITO - SIN LIMITE: Network Marketing - Es Para Ti?

Que es el Network Marketing?

Es Una Industria Grande? Si Y No.

Que Venden?

Por Que Atrae Este Negocio?

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