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Legaline Publications offers practical legal, business and tax information for direct selling and multilevel marketing (MLM) companies. Jeffrey A. Babener is the Editor and Author of Legaline Publications and its publications, as well as the websites and For a complete biography of our law office, visit our About Us page and its subpages.

Mr. Babener and his law firm represent many members of the Washington DC - based Direct Selling Association (DSA) where he serves on the lawyer's Council and Government Relations Committee. He is Corporate Counsel for the industry's other trade association, the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) of Irvine, California.

Mr. Babener has lectured and published extensively on multilevel marketing law. He has been interviewed on the industry in such publications as Money, Inc., Atlantic Monthly, Success, Entrepreneur, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Home Office Computer, and Business Start-Ups magazines. He is Chairman of the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company conference, an ACTION CONFERENCE for executives of startup and emerging MLM companies.

Be sure to visit our blogs to stay connected directly to the heartbeat of the MLM industry:’s Blog and MLMAttorney’s Blog.

Legaline books, DVDs, Brochures, E-Newsletter, And More

Legaline Products


Free MLM Startup Manual

The FREE Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company manual

Get your FREE copy of the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company manual. Qualifying executives of multilevel marketing and direct selling companies can request a free "How To" Manual that includes vital information for starting and running the successful MLM company. Request a FREE manual today!


"Direct Selling, Network Marketing, MLM" DVD: SourceNet Creative and present the “Direct Selling, Network Marketing, MLM” DVD. Video Segments Include ~ Introduction and Basics, ~ Successful Companies, ~ Legal MLM, ~ Success Stories, ~ History and Technology, ~ Not Pyramid Schemes, ~ Debunking Myths, ~ Internet and the Future. Request a FREE DVD today! (Call for bulk prices.)

e-newsletter Presents the E-Newsletter: MLM News Global Presents the E-Newsletter: MLM News Global: This newsletter offers recent news, videos, company profiles, and timely articles delivered to your inbox. The e-newsletter contains top news stories in the network marketing industry, the most recent MLM scam alerts, timely articles on the direct selling industry, and so much more. Sign up for free today.


Network Marketing: What you should know

Network Marketing: What you should know: This book is great for your leaders, your corporate staff, and/or your consultants. It is crammed with information about what you should know about network marketing and how to make your business successful. If you don't know about the business then you can't expect to succeed. This book gives you a clear understanding of the network marketing industry, its history, how to find the right company, managing your business, and so much more. Only $24.95 - while supplies last!

The Network Marketer's Guide to Success

The Network Marketer's Guide to Success: This is a practical, dynamic book that will be a valuable tool for networking newcomers and veterans alike. This hard cover textbook has captured the essence of what it takes to build a successful network marketing business, step-by-step. Written by Jeff Babener and David Stewart, they combine the must-know legal information with the enthusiasm that is encouraged in network marketing. At $24.95 this book could save you time and money.

TAX GUIDE for MLM/Direct Selling Distributors

TAX GUIDE for MLM/Direct Selling Distributors: If you are involved in direct selling, MLM, network marketing, or a home-based business, this is one source of information you must have for your MLM business. Learn (and avoid) the IRS pitfalls that could cost you time and money. Another valuable resource is the Tax Time - Networkers and the IRS brochure. This practical business and tax resource for distributors is only $24.95.


TAX GUIDE for MLM/Direct Selling Distributors

Tax Time: Networkers and the IRS Brochure: This easy-to-read pamphlet explains the necessary tax and business concepts you need to know. Some topics of the brochure and book include: ~ Do you know about the prohibition of "Hobby Businesses"? ~ How to write off your home computer? ~ What's acceptable for travel and entertainment deductions? ~ Record keeping requirements? ~ Home office deductions? ~25/$20.50 ~50/$35.00 ~100/$70.00 ~500/$285.00

Network Marketing: What You Should Know

Network Marketing: What You Should Know: (Red De Marketing: Lo que usted debe saber - English and Spanish translations of this very useful prospecting brochure.) This is considered a "generic prospecting brochure" and will help take the mystery and hype out of the network sales phenomenon. The writing style is as clean, smart, professional, and thorough as you would expect from Attorney Jeffrey Babener and describes the opportunities of MLM involvement the way you want your prospects to understand. The cost is just $18.00 for a pack of 25, in either language.

Network Marketing: Window of Opportunity

Network Marketing: Window of Opportunity: This pamphlet discusses the "Entrepreneurial Revolution" that is sweeping America. Pass this information along to anyone considering an entrepreneurial lifestyle or career! For $4.95 this booklet goes through the current and future state of the direct selling industry.

Network Marketing: One Plus One Equals Four!

Network Marketing: One Plus One Equals Four: This brochure is an instant credibility and educational piece that helps your customers and prospects feel more comfortable about network marketing. As a third-party resource, you can read about this powerful, proven tool to help people achieve financial independence! Keep a supply of these brochures on hand for your prospects, or offer them as incentives to your downline for superior marketing efforts. The principles and material can apply to any product or service. Available as a brochure ($.60) or audio tape ($1.50).

To order any of these products please call 800-231-2162 or fill out our order form. Major credit cards are accepted.

About the Author

Welcome to MLM Legal - a valuable resource to the multi-level marketing and direct sales industry. Use this site to review interesting articles about this high-growth industry.  Keep current with the law and how it is affecting large and small companies throughout the United States. MLM Legal is sponsored by Jeffrey Babener of Babener and Associates. On any given day you can catch Jeffrey Babener lecturing on network marketing at the University of Texas or the University of Illinois, addressing thousands of consultants in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Tokyo and Russia, or writing a new book on network marketing, an article for Entrepreneur Magazine or a chapter for a University textbook. Over two decades he has served as marketing and legal advisor to some of the world's largest direct selling companies, the likes of Avon, Nikken, Melaleuca, Discovery Toys, NuSkin, and he has provided counsel to the most successful telecom network marketing companies...Excel, ACN, World Connect, ITI, AOL Select and Network 2000. An active spokesperson for the industry, he has assisted in new legislation and served on the Lawyer's Council, Government Relations Committee and Internet Task Force of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) as well as serving as General Counsel for the Multilevel Marketing International Association. He is an MLM attorney, supplier member of the DSA, and has served as legal counsel and MLM consultant on MLM law issues for many DSA companies.

Jeffrey A. Babener, of Portland, Oregon,, is the principal attorney in the law firm of Babener & Associates. He represents leading U.S. and foreign companies in the direct selling industry. He has been a key advisor to such companies as Avon, Herbalife, Discovery Toys, Nikken, Shaklee NuSkin, Excel, Usana, Fuller Brush, Cell Tech, Enagic, Sunrider, Melaleuca, Nerium International, etc. He is a frequent lecturer and has been interviewed on the industry, and published, in such publications as Money, Inc., Atlantic Monthly, Success, Entrepreneur, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Home Office Computing, Business Start-Ups, Direct Selling News Magazine, and Money Maker's Monthly. He is editor of the industry publication, Direct Sales Legaline. Mr. Babener is also the author of the books; Tax Guide for MLM/Direct Selling Distributors, Network Marketer's Guide to Success, The MLM Corporate Handbook, Network Marketing: Window of Opportunity, and Network Marketing: What You Should Know (used as the college curriculum textbook at Utah Valley State course on network marketing). He is editor of one of most frequented network marketing educational web sites, . He has served as Chair of more than 70 national conferences on starting and running the direct selling company. He serves on the Lawyers Council and Government Relations Committees of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and he has served as General Counsel and on the board of the MLMIA (Multilevel Marketing International Association). He has lectured at major industry trade meetings and at such educational institutions as the Univ. of Illinois, University of Texas, University of Houston, etc. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California Law School where he served as an editor of the USC Law Review, followed by the appointment as a law clerk to Hon. David Williams, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

A number of Babener & Associates client companies have been success stories over the last several decades, including several billion dollar and NYSE companies such as Avon, Herbalife, NuSkin, Usana. Other successful companies, to which the law firm has provided varying level of advisory, have included Melaleuca, Nikken, Enagic, Discovery Toys, Amazon Herbs, TriVita, Nerium International, Shaklee, PrePaid Legal, Tupperware, Primerica, Arbonne, Longaberger, Excel Communications, ACN, etc.

Mr. Babener has served as lead trial counsel for multiple cases on direct selling throughout the U.S. Further background material on direct selling will be found at the website,, where he is editor.

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