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Welcome to MLM Resources: a significant information library of facts and details provided through If you are looking for accurate and current information about a company or provider in the multi-level marketing industry, this is a place to start. Our team of researchers regularly maintains these files and tests the links. Our objective is to help you gain access to the information you need, without bias or selective filtering. Browse through the company directory and vendor directory below.

~ Direct Selling Companies Search Engine

Here you will find links to hundreds of established and emerging direct selling, party plan, network marketing and MLM companies. Go right to the full company website and prepare for a robust and informative presentation. From a company perspective, compare and contrast the myriad of programs and state if art technologies of companies in the direct selling marketplace.

~ MLM Company Profiles

Here you will find brief summaries of pertinent information about hundreds of MLM, direct selling, direct sales, network marketing and party plan companies. As a general matter, the summary information is derived from company-published information, generally posted at company websites, public information releases, or posts at industry trade sites. Read each company’s founding story, impact on the MLM industry, flagship products and services, compensation plan, and sales volume in the U.S. and abroad.

~ MLM Vendor and Supplier Directory

Search the list of vendors and suppliers for MLM, Direct Selling, Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Party Plan Companies by Category:

Associations, Branding / Creative Production, Capital and Investment Banking, Conferences, Consultants for Compensation, Consultants for Taxes, Destinations / Conventions Centers / Travel, Distribution / Fulfillment, Event Productions, Executive Search, Incentives / Recognition, Informational, Insurance, Lead Generation, Legal, Manufacturing / Product Development / Private Label, MLM Educational Resources, Payment Solutions Services, Printing, Publishing, Shipping, Software / Technology Solutions, Speakers, Telecommunication Services, Tools, Distributor Communication, Recruiting & Training.

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