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New!!! FTC vs. AdvoCare: A Teachable Moment for Direct Selling Article

New!!! A Focused Webinar for Startup MLM Companies

New!!! AdvoCare Abandons MLM: Uncertainty Returns to Direct Selling Article

New! Jeffrey Babener interview on Tom Chenault show Podcast

New! DSA Launches Independent Contractor Initiative Article

New! U.S. Supreme Court Sales Tax Reversal... Where To From Here? Article

New! MLM Cryptocurrency Scams: Stopping the Brand Killer and Protecting the Direct Selling Channel

New! The New FTC Direct Selling Guidance… Imperfect, But a Good Start
New! FTC and Direct Selling Come to the Table as Stakeholders: H.R. 3409
New! Search for Certainty in Direct Selling: A Legal and Business Rationale for H.R. 3409

FTC v. Herbalife Settlement: First Take
FTC v. Herbalife: Post-Settlement Legal Guidance for the Direct Selling Industry

Vemma vs. FTC: Guidance for the Direct Selling Industry - Welcome to the Future
FTC Complaint [PDF]
FTC Restrainting Order [PDF]

Vemma Preliminary Injunction Order… First Take - Time for the Industry and Vemma to Press the Reset Button
FTC v. Vemma [PDF]

Vemma: Preparing for the FTC Ambush

BurnLounge Appeal Decision: Guidance on Pyramid v Legitimate MLM and the Role of Personal Use in Pyramid Analysis
Herbalife: Belgian Appeal Court: Herbalife is No Pyramid, Validates Legitimacy - The Next Chapter in Personal Use
An Inside Look into a MLM Trial - A 16 Part Miniseries of Live Trial Video
Herbalife: What Short Sellers Missed on the Way to the Press Conference... ([PDF] Version)
Fact Checking the FTC’s New Legal Guidance
Will the FTC Unilaterally Change the Business and Legal Landscape for Direct Selling in 2017?
FTC v. BurnLounge: Lessons Learned for MLM/Direct Selling

FTC Guidelines on Endorsements and Testimonials

FTC Guidelines Resource Center
FTC Guidelines Endorsements and Testimonials: Detailed Analysis
FTC News Release on Endorsements and Testimonials
FTC Complete Guidelines Release [PDF]
FTC Short Version Guidelines Release [PDF]
FTC Examples of Material Connection
FTC Regulation of Advertising

FTC Proposed Business Opportunity Rule: Analysis and Updates:

The FTC Final Business Opportunity Rule: Still Work to Do
FTC Exemption Draft Falls Short... MLMLegal.com and DSA Suggest Revisions
FTC Exempts MLM from Proposed Business Opportunity Rule
DSA Position on FTC MLM Exemption Proposed Business Opportunity Rule
Analysis and Industry Response
Actual Text of Proposed Rule
FTC Speaks Out
DSA Speaks Out
DSWA Speaks Out
MLMIA Speaks Out
DRA Speaks Out
MLMLegal.Com Speaks Out

MLM in the News

New Proposed Federal MLM Legislation
FTC and SkyBiz Settlement-$20 million
Campaign Fundraising, MLM?
Web Shopping Mall Charged
Gifting Clubs Held Illegal
FTC v Bigsmart - $5 Million Settlement

New MLM Articles

MLM and Identity Theft
Pyramid or Legitimate MLM?
Proposed Fed MLM Statute on Personal Use
MLM Startup Capital: The Business Plan
FTC v Bigsmart - A Slap And A Leash
Renaissance, The Tax People
Dot Com or Dot Scam?
How To Analyze Compensation Plans
DSA and MLMIA - Industry Support

MLM Corporate Startup: A 3 Part Series

Startup Essentials I - MLM Capitalization, MLM Recruitment, MLM Legal, MLM Trademark
Startup Essentials II - MLM Business Experience, MLM Software & Technology, MLM Product Selection, MLM International Expansion
Startup Essentials III - MLM Compensation Plan, MLM Outsourcing, MLM Agreements, MLM Attitude

MLM Consultant Articles

Starting Your MLM Company
The Right Place, The Right Time: The Emergence of Direct Selling [PDF]
Taxes in the New Millennium
Taxes and the Network Marketer
How To Build A Successful Direct Selling Business
Passion for Your Business
Why Join A Trade Organization?
Party Plans: Can You Score Five Points?

MLM Consultant: International

Singapore and Asia: Open for Business
MLM International Market Entry: Practical Issues

MLM Software Articles

MLM Software Primer
Direct Sales Communication
Selecting an MLM Software Provider
MLM By The Numbers
Choosing an MLM Software Provider
META Tags, MLM Subliminal Marketing
The Electronic MLM
MLM In Cyberspace
Skybiz or Skyscam

MLM Leads / Recruiting

MLM Presentations: 27 Secrets
MLM Recruiting & Communication
MLM Leads - MLM Recruiting Machine
Affinity MLM Recruiting
MLM Leads Resources

One Minute MLM Startup Tips: Scores of quick tip articles on starting and running the MLM, Direct Sales, Direct Selling, Network Marketing and Party Plan Business

Startup Tips I
Startup Tips II

MLM Distributor Rights

Dialogue As an Agent of Change

MLM Observer: MLM Industry Editorial

The Largest Network Marketing Community in the World
MLM Raiding!
Direct Sales: Misperceptions

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