Scope of services

Scope of Representation

Babener & Associates advises MLM companies on a wide range of legal matters as well as serving as an important informed resource on the MLM/network marketing/direct selling industry.

Initially, the firm will be available to be involved in review and writing of documentation for the respective distributor and customer from a legal standpoint of sales kit materials, distributor agreements, policies and procedures, brochures, training manuals, marketing materials, etc. When sales materials are complete, we will also prepare and file registrations where required by MLM distribution statutes.

In addition, the firm will be available at the company's request to assist in a myriad of matters that would affect a network marketing company including, but not limited to, a variety of work on direct selling matters; regulatory, including Federal Trade Commission (FTC), U.S. Postal (USPS), state attorneys general, antitrust, pricing and competition restrictions, multilevel distribution statutes and registration, business opportunity, pyramid, sales referral, deceptive trade practices, franchising legislation, administrative matters; Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory compliance and label review; ongoing revisions of corporate and distributor materials, including print, audio and video, media; advertising and promotion review; distributor relations and disputes; sales tax or nexus-related issues; independent contractor, independent contractor issues, including unemployment classification, trademark and copyright matters, as necessary, including trademark searches and registrations; ongoing literature review; industry resourcing and planning; preventative litigation planning; vendor arrangements; licensing arrangements; press matters; Canadian regulatory matters; foreign expansion matters in cooperation with foreign affiliates; etc.

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