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Legaline Publications presents its most-requested book, Network Marketing: What you should know. Great for your company and consultant leaders, your corporate staff, or to include in your distributor kits. The Network Marketing: What you Should Know book, is only $24.95! (Call our office for bulk pricing.)

Written by expert MLM Attorney, Jeff Babener, who has over 30 years of experience in the MLM industry, this book is crammed with everything that you need to know about network marketing. The invaluable information included in this book is a necessity for anyone who works in the direct selling industry.

Just check out some of these chapter titles:

An Overview of an Exciting Industry

An Introduction to Network Marketing

Hard Facts about a Growing Industry

Why Millions of People are Getting Involved

A Maturing Industry Overcomes an Old Reputation

The "Perfect" Products for Network Marketing Companies

Are You Right for this Business?

The Saturation Theory? Not to Worry!

With a Little Help from Your Friends - Trade Associations

Women and Network Marketing: A Perfect Match

A Brief History of Network Marketing: The Earliest Periods, The Yankee Peddler, The Late 1800s (Avon and Other Large Companies), 1900-1950 - The Beginning of Modern Giants, 1950s - The Birth of Today's Giants, 1970s - A Decade of Legal Confrontation, 1980s - America Discovers Network Marketing, 1990s - MLM Goes Corporate, 2000s - MLM and the Millenium

Finding the Right Company: Preliminary Questions, Detective Work, The Pyramid Scheme, How to Analyze Compensation Plans, The Right Product, What's Hot and What's Not?

Marketing: Ten Common Distributor Mistakes and How to Overcome Them, Building Blocks to Success, Co-Op Advertising, Mailing Lists, TV and Radio, Nonprofit Network Marketing, Long Distance Sponsoring, Hot Markets, Retention Beats Recruiting

Managing Your Business: Time Management, Taxes, Internet, and Credit Card Fraud

Network Marketing and the Law: Can Comparative Advertising Get You in Trouble?, FDA: Networkers and Health Claims, The Legal Ins and Outs, Characteristics of a Legal Compensation Plan, The Three-Day Rule

Thought You'd Never Ask: FAQ

This book gives you a clear understanding of the Network Marketing industry, its history, how to find the right - and legal - direct selling company, how to manage your business (as an owner or a consultant), and much more.

In order to receive your copy, call 800-231-2162 to order with a credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Or, send $24.95 check or money order to:

Legaline Publications

C/O Charity Dunning, Administrative Manager

Bank of America Financial Center

121 SW Morrison Street, Suite 1020

Portland, OR 97204

Please fill out this order form [PDF] and include it along with your mailing address and phone number to complete your order by mail.

You'll find that the information in this book is vital to executives of network marketing (MLM) companies (whether it's for yourself, staff or distributors), whether you are involved at a start-up level or are an emerging company ready to build your business.

Read the testimonials:

I always look for passion and knowledge. This book has it all. - Sandy Elsberg, Author, "Bread Winner Bread Baker" & Trainer to Thousands of Distributors

I like it streetsmart. Jeff has written one of the best ever "how-to" books for network marketers! - Robert Butwin, Author, "Streetsmart Networking" & One of America's Most Successful Distributors

Great Book! It has the accuracy and insight of a bullseye. As our lead author, Jeff has educated and informed our readers for two decades. - Dr. Keith Laggos, Publisher, Money Maker's Monthly

This is the perfect companion for the networker. It’s packed with information, and at the same time a fascinating read. - Michael Sheffield, Chairman of the MLMIA (Multilevel Marketing International Association) and leading marketing consultant

I get so many requests for this book. Its a great resource for people who want to learn more about the direct selling industry, its history, and how it operates legally today. - Charity Dunning, Administrative Services Manager, with over ten years of experience in the MLM industry


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