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General Federal Cases
Internal Revenue Service
Federal Trade Commission
US Postal Service
Securities and Exchange Commission
Food and Drug Administration

General Federal Cases

New!!! FTC vs. AdvoCare: A Teachable Moment for Direct Selling Article

Proposed Federal MLM Statute HR 1220: Personal Use OK

The Landmark Amway Case

Offshore MLM - US v Fortuna

Fortuna Alliance: The FTC Sends A Message

The AuQuest Case - A Wake-Up Call to the Industry

The 70% Rule: What's It All About?

SEC: We Hate Pyramids

The Omnitrition Appeal - An Industry Issue

April Showers - Taxes Rain on Networkers

Personal Use - A Call To Action

The FDA and Health Claims

Distributor Privacy: Social Security Numbers

Internal Revenue Service

Official Publication for Network Marketers [PDF]

Good News for Home Office Deductions

Federal Trade Commission

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MLM Law Library

MLM law in 50 states, IRS Publication 911, the MLM Textbook, as well as a comprehensive index of articles on the direct selling industry.

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MLM Laws in 50 States

Every state has adopted laws regulating MLM companies. Although much enforcement activity has come from the federal government through the FTC, SEC and U.S. Postal Service, the vast majority of enforcement activity has occurred at the state level.

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State Cases

These important state cases have chaged the network marketing industry. Click here to read about the 70% rule, sales tax and referral laws, business opportunity statutes, and personal use laws.

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