One Minute Startup Tips for MLM Companies - Part II

One Minute Startup Tips Continued


MLM consultant practice tips: The following tips are geared to help answer quick questions that are often asked by MLM companies. To summarize, in the MLM startup company, MLM sales tax issues must be addressed to avoid liability for taxes and penalties. Nexus for MLM Sales and Use Tax represents a unique analysis that involves activity by distributors in promoting, recruiting and training in a state. and Babener and Associates provides expert MLM consulting advise on MLM corporate, MLM software, MLM compensation, MLM taxes, and much more. MLM consulting is an important component for MLM startup. Careful choice of MLM software is another component of MLM corporate development. A qualified MLM consultant and MLM lawyer is a vital part of the MLM startup team. MLM compensation must be reviewed by a MLM consulting and by a qualified, experienced MLM attorney.

Proper MLM capitalization (funding) is essential to the MLM startup and MLM corporate business. The need for capital is in inverse proportion to the ability of the MLM company to recruit key distributors. and Babener and Associates provides expert MLM Consulting advice on how to start and run a direct selling company.

Excerpted from the book Network Marketing: What You Should Know book, Jeffrey Babener, Legaline Publications.

Three-Way Calls and Presentations The A-B-C's of Success


Big-Time Results

The ABC Game Plan

Use and Misuse

Preparation... Again

Opportunity Calling...Making Team Conferencing Pay Off


Designing a Conference Call

Timing It Right

Co-op Advertising: Getting the Word Out


The Benefits of Co-op Advertising

Company Support

The Follow-Up Package

What About the Cost?

...And the Results?

Is Co-op Advertising for You?

Network Marketing Through Mail Lists


It Works... But It's Not Simple

List Sources

Important Questions to Answer

The Introduction Letter

Climbing the Stairway to Mail Order Success

TV and Radio Networking: No Business Like Show Business?


The Price of Exposure

Making It Work

Big Profits From Nonprofit Networking


A Quick Look at How It Works

Avoiding Taxes and Tax-Exempt Status Problems

Be Safe - Not Sorry

Long Distance Sponsoring: Reach Out and Recruit Someone


Choose wisely

Create a system

Agree on responsive commitments

Establish a long distance sponsoring budget

Get some support from your company

Make sure the company training program supports long distance growth

Build in geographical areas supported by your company

Focus on areas where other successful distributors are located

Provide the personal touch

Zero In on the Hot Markets


Part-Time Workers - Hungry for More

Boomers Ripe For Network Marketing

Big Opportunities in the Hispanic Community

An Important Marketing Truth: Retention Beats Recruiting

Something to Think About

The First-Year Hurdle

MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS: Networking and Time Management


General Principles for Your Specific Business

Making Your Own Customized Day Planner

Contacting Prospects

Warm Market Presentations

Cold Market Presentations

Downline Maintenance

Time Planning and Accounting

Take Time to Make Time

Taxes and the Network Marketer


No Hobby Losses, Please!

Meals and Entertainment

The Home Office Deduction

Ordinary Business Expenses

The Traveling Networker

Business Gifts

All Those Forms

Computers, Automobiles, and Capital Assets

Record Keeping - The Name of the Game

Is It All Worth It?

You Too Can Incorporate

0. Introduction

1. First, Get Yourself to a CPA

2. Corporate Name

3. Corporate Structure

4. Shareholders

5. Shareholder Agreements

6. The Buy-Sell Agreement

7. Planning for Future Shareholders

8. Capitalization

9. Board of Directors

10. Corporate Housekeeping

11. Key Employees

12. Employee Plans

13. Chapter S or C or LLC?

Networkers on the Information Highway


A People Business... A Numbers Business

What's Available to You?

Making the Numbers a Management Tool

Tracking Success Indicators

Charting the Numbers

Your Call to Action

Networkers and Credit Card Fraud - Be Careful!


A National - and Personal - Problem

Fighting Back

When Lost or Stolen

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