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Multilevel marketing or direct selling companies can learn a great deal from those with more or varied experience. MLM consultants are able to help business builders learn from the history of others so that they are not doomed to repeat it.

In this section, you will find interesting articles from MLM consultants and MLM consulting firms. Each article is linked to additional information about the author in case you feel you need to get personalized information or recommendations.

We trust that you will enjoy reading tips and techniques for improving your MLM or direct selling business. MLM Corporate Startup Essentials: Part I of III: Excerpts from the book: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company.

~ MLM Capitalization

~ MLM Recruitment

~ MLM Legal

~ MLM Trademark MLM Corporate Startup Essentials: Part II of III: Excerpts from the book: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company.

~ MLM Business Experience

~ MLM Software & Technology

~ MLM Product Selection

~ MLM International Expansion MLM Corporate Startup Essentials: Part III of III: Excerpts from the book: Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company.

~ MLM Compensation Plan

~ MLM Outsourcing

~ MLM Agreements Between Owners

~ MLM Attitude, Passion and Commitment Starting Your MLM Company: Why They Work - Why They Fail - Michael Sheffield writes about the key factors in successful MLM company design and follow through. While you consider the benefits of using multi-level marketing in your business plan, read what experience and planning have taught the industry. Passion for Your Business: A Confidential Message to MLM Executives - Michael Sheffield writes about how successful entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and then makes a case for the successful MLM Executive to create and maintain their passion for their business. MLM Consulting: How to Build A Successful Direct Selling Business - A comprehensive look at the many important factors in starting and running a successful direct selling, MLM or network marketing company. Why Join A Trade Organization? - An important discussion of three major industry trade organizations, the DSA, MLMIA and DRA, and how they protect the industry. Party Plans: Can You Score Five Points? - Party plan and direct selling are fast becoming the new Plan B for many Americans looking for economic independence... a close look at the attributes that entrepreneurs should bring to the business. MLM Consulting: International - MLM International Market Entry: Practical Issues - Charlie Smith writes this article about practical business management and strategic decisions a company must make when entering the Asian marketplace. And don't expect your best sales associates to leave this market alone until you are ready. MLM Consulting ArticlesMLM Consulting: International - Singapore and Asia Open for MLM Business - The explosive growth of the direct selling industry in Asia has attributed to the outstanding success of many Direct Selling companies. Charlie Smith writes about some yet untapped growth in some Asian countries.

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