State Statutes


LB 801

Approved by the Governor April 13, 2010
Introduced by Fulton, 29; Pirsch, 4.

FOR AN ACT relating to consumer protection; to amend sections 87-301, 87-303, 87-303.02, 87-303.03, and 87-306, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, and section 87-302, Revised Statutes Supplement, 2009; to change provisions relating to the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act; to harmonize provisions; and to repeal the original sections.

Be it enacted by the people of the State of Nebraska,

Section 1. Section 87-301, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read:

87-301 For purposes of the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Access software provider means a provider of software, including……


    (8) Commercially reasonable terms means the repurchase of current and marketable inventory within twelve months from the date of purchase at not less than ninety percent of the original net cost, less appropriate setoffs and legal claims, if any;

    (9) Compensation means a payment of any money, thing of value, or financial benefit;

    (10) Consideration means anything of value, including the payment of cash or the purchase of goods, services, or intangible property. The term does not include the purchase of goods or services furnished at cost to be used in making sales and not for resale or time and effort spent in pursuit of sales or recruiting activities;

    (11) Covered file-sharing program means a computer program,…….

    (12) Current and marketable has its plain and ordinary meaning but excludes inventory that is no longer within its commercially reasonable use or shelf-life period, was clearly described to salespersons prior to purchase as seasonal, discontinued, or special promotion products not subject to the plan or operation’s inventory repurchase program, or has been used or opened.


    (15) Inventory includes both goods and services, including company-produced promotional materials, sales aids, and sales kits that the plan or operation requires independent salespersons to purchase;

    (16) Inventory loading means that the plan or operation requires or encourages its independent salespersons to purchase inventory in an amount which exceeds that which the salesperson can expect to resell for ultimate consumption or to a consumer in a reasonable time period, or both;

    (17) Investment means any acquisition, for a consideration other than personal services, of personal property, tangible or intangible, for profit or business purposes, and includes, without limitation, franchises, business opportunities, and services. It does not include real estate, securities registered under the Securities Act of Nebraska, or sales demonstration equipment and materials furnished at cost for use in making sales and not for resale;


    (19) Person shall mean an individual, means a natural person, a corporation, a government, or a governmental subdivision or agency, a business trust, an estate, a trust, a partnership, a joint venture, a limited liability company, an unincorporated association, a sole proprietorship, two or more of any of the foregoing having a joint or common interest, or any other legal or commercial entity;

    (20) Pyramid promotional scheme means any plan or operation in which a participant gives consideration for the right to receive compensation that is derived primarily from the recruitment of other persons as participants in the plan or operation rather than from the sales of goods, services, or intangible property to participants or by participants to others. A limitation as to the number of persons who may participate, or the presence of additional conditions affecting eligibility, or upon payment of anything of value by a person whereby the person obtains any other property in addition to the right to receive consideration, does not change the identity of the scheme as a pyramid promotional scheme;

    (21) Referral or chain referral sales or leases means any sales technique, plan, arrangement, or agreement whereby the seller or lessor gives or offers to give a rebate or discount or otherwise pays or offers to pay value to the buyer or lessee as an inducement for a sale or lease in consideration of the buyer or lessee giving to the seller or lessor the names of prospective buyers or lessees or otherwise aiding the seller or lessor in making a sale or lease to another person if the earning of the rebate, discount, or other value is contingent upon the occurrence of an event subsequent to the time the buyer or lessee agrees to buy or lease;


    (26) Use or promote the use of, for purposes of subdivision (a)(12) of section 87-302, means contrive, prepare, establish, plan, operate, advertise, or otherwise induce or attempt to induce another person to participate in a pyramid promotional scheme, including a pyramid promotional scheme run through the Internet, email, or other electronic communications.

Sec. 2. Section 87-302, Revised Statutes Supplement, 2009, is amended to read:

87-302 (a) A person engages in a deceptive trade practice when, in the course of his or her business, vocation, or occupation, he or she:

1) Passes off goods or services as those of another;


    (12) Uses or promotes the use of or establishes, operates, or participates in a chain distributor pyramid promotional scheme in connection with the solicitation of business or personal investments from such scheme to members of the public. This subdivision shall not be construed to prohibit a plan or operation, or to define a plan or operation as a pyramid promotional scheme, based on the fact that participants in the plan or operation give consideration in return for the right to receive compensation based upon purchases of goods, services, or intangible property by participants for personal use, consumption, or resale so long as the plan or operation does not promote or induce inventory loading and the plan or operation implements an appropriate inventory repurchase program;

    (13) With respect to a sale or lease to a natural person of goods or services purchased or leased primarily for personal, family, household, or agricultural purposes, uses or employs any referral or chain referral sales technique, plan, arrangement, or agreement;


Practices Act.

Sec. 6. Section 87-303.03, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, is amended to read:

87-303.03 (1) The Attorney General, in addition to other powers conferred upon him or her by the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act:

    (a) May issue subpoenas to require the attendance of witnesses or the production of documents, administer oaths, conduct hearings in aid of any investigation or inquiry, and prescribe such forms and adopt and promulgate such rules as may be necessary to administer the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act. act; and

    (b) May issue a cease and desist order, with or without prior hearing, against any person engaged in activities in violation of the act, directing such person to cease and desist from such activity.

    (2) Service of any notice or subpoena may be made in the manner prescribed by the rules of civil procedure.


    (Emphasis added).

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