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Legal Representation

Babener & Associates represents many of the most important companies in the direct sales and network marketing industry. With several years of experience and the connections to make things happen, you should consider Babener & Associates for your legal representation.

We advise in all of the aspects of starting and running a direct selling company. We advise in the areas of marketing, Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), trademarks, regulatory, international expansion, sales tax, distributor relationships, vendor relationships, and so much more.

MLM Conference

Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company - an industry conference for executive managers of start-up and emerging MLM companies. Join the foremost experts in network marketing in conference and panel discussions.

MLM Law Library

Stay current with the latest information about legal cases. Anyone in the MLM industry must keep abreast of legal action and trends that are developing. Know what the FTC is doing and how they are doing it. Understand how Attorney's General are responding to challenges from state-to-state. Be informed, then plan accordingly. These articles are written for company owners and executives.

Library of MLM Articles

Jeffrey Babener's significant library of MLM related articles will provide keen insight and helpful information to anyone currently involved in the direct sales industry as well as those that are now considering this fast-growth field. Written with an unbiased approach, you can become informed without sales pressure or hype. These articles are written for producers and sales executives.

MLM News Global Newsletter

This newsletter offers recent news, videos, company profiles, and timely articles delivered to your inbox. The e-newsletter contains top news stories in the network marketing industry, the most recent MLM scam alerts, timely articles on the direct selling industry, and so much more. Make sure that you’re not the last to know about top MLM news stories, or to hear about the latest MLM scam reports. Our timely headline reporting will keep you up-to-date on stories that affect everyone in the network marketing industry. In addition, important press releases, directly from MLM/network marketing/direct selling, party plan companies, will keep you current on trends and direct selling company developments in the industry.

Legaline Publications

Legaline Publications provides helpful books and brochures that can be used with any multi-level marketing company. The timely topics for consultants include tax planning, marketing, and "how-to" brochures that explain the dynamic power of multi-level marketing. These tools are not product-specific and can be used by a company to help educate and equip their sales force. Consider ordering large quantities to include with enrollment kits.

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Scope of Services

Babener & Associates advises MLM companies on a wide range of legal matters as well as serving as an important informed resource on the MLM/network marketing/direct selling industry.

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Experience Counts

Over two decades, we have assisted hundreds of startups - probably more than everyone else put together.

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Business Background

Babener & Associates is a law firm that represents companies headquartered throughout the United States and abroad.

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