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State Agencies

Alabama Securitites Commission

Arizona Attorney General

California Public Utilities Commission

Colorado Attorney General

Colorado Securities Commissioner/Division of Securities


Connecticut Commissioner of Consumer Protection

Hawaii Commissioner of Securities

Illinois Attorney General

Iowa Attorney General

Kansas State Attorney General

Kansas Securities Commissioner

Louisana Commissioner of Securities

Michigan Attorney General

Minnesota Attorney General

Missouri Attorney General

Nebraska Attorney General

New Jersey Attorney General

New Mexico Attorney General

New York Attorney General

North Carolina Attorney General

North Dakota Securities Commissioner

Ohio Attorney General

Oklahoma State Attorney General

Oregon Attorney General

Oregon Department of Revenue

Pennsylvania Attorney General

Maryland IRS

Missouri Attorney General

Rhode Island Attorney General

South Carolina Attorney General

Texas Attorney General

Texas Securities Commissioner

Tennessee Attorney General

Virginia Attorney General

Washington Department of Revenue

Wisconsin Attorney General

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture



State Courts

Alabama Court of Appeals

Alabama Supreme Court

Alaska Court of Appeals

Arkansas Supreme Court

Arizona Court of Appeals

Administrative Law Judge of the California Public Utilities Commission

California Court of Appeals

California, Los Angeles Superior Court

Colorado Court of Appeals

Colorado Supreme Court

Superior Court of Connecticut

Delaware Court of Chancery

Superior Court of Delaware

Florida Court of Appeals

Florida District Court of Appeals

Georgia Court of Appeals

Hawaii Supreme Court

Idaho Supreme Court

Illinois Appellate Court

Illinois Court of Appeals

Indiana Court of Appeals

Iowa Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Kansas

Kentucky Court of Appeals

Louisiana Court of Appeals

Louisiana Supreme Court

Maryland Court of Appeals

Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Michigan Court of Appeals

Minnesota Court of Appeals

Minnesota Supreme Court

Missouri Court of Appeals

Missouri Supreme Court

Montana Supreme Court

Nebraska Supreme Court

New Jersey Supreme Court

New Jersey Superior Court

Nevada Supreme Court

New Jersey Superior Court

New Mexico Court of Appeals

New Mexico Supreme Court

New York State Appellate Division

New York City Court of Utica

New York County Civil Court

New York State Court

New York Supreme Court

North Carolina Court of Appeals

North Dakota Supreme Court

Oklahoma Supreme Court

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

Ohio Court of Appeals

Ohio Supreme Court

Oregon Tax Court

Oregon Court of Appeals

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania

Supreme Court of Rhode Island

South Carolina Court of Appeals

Tennessee Supreme Court

Texac Civil Court

Texas Court of Appeals

Texas Court of Civil Appeals

Criminal Appeals Court of Texas

Supreme Court of Texas

Utah Court of Appeals

Utah Supreme Court

Virginia Supreme Court

Washington State Supreme Court

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


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